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Mountain Laurel Guide Service, LLC.
Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland

My name is James Hill Jr., and I live for the thrill of casting lines and chasing the shimmering treasures that inhabit the waters from the East Coast to the heart of the Midwest. Fishing isn't just a hobby for me—it's a way of life, a journey that takes me from salt to freshwater, from coastlines to rivers, and everywhere in between.
Equipped with fly rods, Spey rods, and conventional fishing gear, I embark on each adventure with a sense of wonder and anticipation. Whether it's the tranquil beauty of fly fishing or the raw power of conventional methods, I embrace every opportunity to connect with the diverse species that inhabit our waters.
But fishing is more than just a solitary pursuit for me. It's about sharing moments with my family, lending a helping hand to those in need, and giving back to the community that has shaped me. When I'm not on the water, you'll often find me volunteering with organizations like Project Healing Waters, offering healing through the therapeutic power of fishing. I also donate fishing trips to non-profits like the Mayfly Project and Casting for a Cure, spreading joy and hope to those who need it most.
As a teacher and mentor, I find immense joy in sharing my passion with others. Whether it's guiding beginners through their first cast or helping seasoned anglers refine their techniques, I believe that every moment spent on the water is an opportunity to learn and grow. My commitment to conservation and ethical practices, such as catch and release, reflects my deep reverence for the natural world and my desire to preserve it for future generations.
For me, the great outdoors isn't just a playground—it's a sanctuary where I find solace, inspiration, and a profound sense of connection. In every ripple of the water and every tug on the line, I discover the beauty of the wild and the joy of being truly alive.