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Todd Martinson

Fishing guide Todd Martinson is, in fact, a teacher. He currently spends the school year teaching and guiding in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Prior to moving to Colorado he taught near La Crosse, WI, during the school year and spent his summers guiding on the Wisconsin and Tomahawk Rivers. He grew up fishing during the summers on Lake Nokomis near Tomahawk, WI, at an early age and has not stopped fishing for almost forty straight years. In the beginning, it was panfish and trout using night crawlers. Soon he graduated to throwing expensive lures into trees trying to catch bass and northern. It was a rude awakening when he had to start purchasing his own lures at age ten. Funny how he suddenly became a more accurate caster!

From high school on whenever Todd had free time, he went fishing. After college Todd was introduced to fly fishing. What started out as a fun activity has grown into a passionate pursuit of fish all over the country. His travels took him out to Bend, Oregon, where he lived and guided for three years. Putting clients on Brook, Brown, Rainbow, and even Bull Trout on local lakes and rivers.

After his time in Bend, Oregon, Todd returned to the Midwest teaching near La Crosse, WI, during the school year and guiding on the Wisconsin River system in Northern Wisconsin during the late Spring, Summer, and Fall. Along with the many summers spent fishing the Wisconsin River and local area lakes he has spent the last 10 years learning the river system and no doubt has a pulse for where the fish may be and what they are eating. His preferred method of fishing the river is to use topwater presentations where clients get to see fish explode out of the water to devour their next meal.

Currently Todd lives in Colorado Springs and returns each Spring and the first part of August to WI to guide Smallmouth in Northern WI. Over the past 3 years Todd has been fishing as much as he can both through the ice and n the summer at the local reservoirs. He recently received his Colorado Outfitters License and is in process of obtaining special use permits to guide about an hour west of Colorado Springs on some of the best to the high mountain reservoirs in the country!

​Todd truly enjoys sharing what he has learned throughout the years with others. Sometimes getting more excited than the clients when they catch fish! Being a teacher he is able to give guidance to clients in a friendly and understandable way which leads to a very enjoyable day on the water.