What Is Guide Book?

Guide Book was built by guides and outdoorsmen as a solution to the problems our team faced in the wild. As guides, we needed a place to streamline the backend work that monopolized our evenings, and as outdoorsmen, we needed a tool to find and book trustworthy guides with authentic reviews. Guiding and adventuring all over the world has also allowed us to form deep relationships with some of the best guides in the industry, but we realized early-on that not everyone has easy access to the right guide…so we built Guide Book.

A lot of guides don’t have the time to manage a website, an SEO strategy, or a marketing budget, so they don’t have an efficient way to get in front of new clients. A lot of these awesome guides that we know aren’t celebrities, so how do they get their name out there so you can find them?

At Guide Book we set out on a mission to build a platform where these guides can get the exposure they need for FREE and easily interact and communicate with clients. By using our platform, outdoorsmen can find a guide for a world-class trip, see the guide’s availability and pricing in real time, seamlessly book them, and pay for their trip without ever missing a beat.

How It Works

Guides are the gatekeepers to the wilderness. You can find them taking clients out on the water or in the woods, but you can’t always find them behind a desk. With that in mind, booking a guide can involve lots of phone tag and waiting hours or days to hear back, sometimes only to find that the guide is fully booked, or even worse, that the trip might not meet expectations.

At Guide Book we set out to solve this problem. On our platform you can find hundreds of reviewed trips and guides, search for the exact trip you want, see real time availability, and book in just a few clicks. With Guide Book, accessing the outdoors has never been easier.

Our service is 100% free. The only charge clients get from us is a 3% credit card processing fee which we pass to the client instead of the guide; guides are working hard, and that extra few dollars from a credit card fee adds up quickly!

How It Works For Guides

Before building anything, our co-founders decided that the foundation of this business would be improving the lives of guides, and then we built from there.

With Guide Book, guides can create their own free guide profiles and all their trip listings. We are always available to help you get started or add some finishing touches to your profile and trips, but at the end of the day we want profiles to reflect the authentic guide behind them and not some doctored copy to make guides fit into our mold.

We take a commission on trips clients book through our platform; we then use this commission to drive more business back to you! That said, we know guides probably have their own clients and don’t want to pay a commission on those trips. Well we thought of that too, so we cap the amount of commissions we take on a monthly basis. We also let guides use some of the tools on our platform for free so they can still manage their full book of business in one place!

We want guides to use Guide Book in whatever way best benefits their business. Our mission is simply to help guides be more successful.