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Wild Fly Charters

My career began in 1995 on the waters off Key West, Florida. This was a really interesting time to get started as a guide. The sport of shallow water flats fishing was exploding in popularity thanks to a lot of exposure on cable TV. It was also just before GPS and the internet transformed the sport so I also spent a good deal of time pouring over a paper chart and running aground in my skiff.

During those first few years in Key West there were more anglers than guides and I was lucky enough to build up a lot of time on the water with some great people. The Keys were a very competitive place to fish so I was also fortunate enough to earn the loyalty of a group of repeat clients, many of whom were willing to follow me to more than one location.

After ten years of guiding in the Keys I was looking to explore some new and untouched waters. The island of Vieques was my next stop. Guiding in the Caribbean was something I've dreamed about doing for a long time and seeing miles of beaches and flats without a single other boat sold me. I moved there in 2005, married my wife Amanda, and settled in for the next few years. As one of only two fishing guides on the whole island, life was great.

For much of this time, the coast of SW Florida has been a second home to me after my parents moved to Matlacha in 2001, and I would return here often. This island became the spot where I started focusing on fly fishing for redfish, snook, and tarpon on the beautiful flats of Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor. I was fortunate enough to spend many summers up here and my wife and I relocated to SW Florida full time in 2009.

Saltwater fly fishing is my true passion and introducing new anglers to this sport is the most rewarding part of my job. If you've been told that flats fishing is incredibly difficult and takes years to master, please think again. Anyone can learn to cast a fly rod in an afternoon and if your skills are limited to small freshwater streams I can quickly get you up to speed for the flats. Don't let the pros on TV or the magazines intimidate you. Fly fishing is easier than you think and I'm very patient teacher. Come give it a try.